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Marines Conduct 12-day Airfield Construction Exercise

Troops from Marine Air Control Squadron 4 and other marine groups have gathered in Okinawa Dec. 4 to participate in a 12-day exercise on airfield construction. The Voodoo Magic exercise trained marines’ skills in operating without an airfield and taking over an already established airfield, the Defense Department said Friday. Teams …

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Report: US Military Looks to Resume Mid-air Refueling Training in Japan

The U.S. military looks to resume mid-air refueling training exercises in Japan in January after drills were suspended due to a crash landing in early December, NHK reported Thursday. U.S. told Japan that it would restart refueling training after a re-education of pilots, confirmation of training procedures and flight simulation exercises, the report stated. …

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Ash Carter: US Plans Return of Land from Northern Okinawa to Japan

Defense Secretary Ash has said the U.S. military will look to give back some land in Okinawa to Japan’s government government within the end of the year, Reuters reported Tuesday. Idrees Ali writes that a senior U.S. defense official said approximately 4,000 hectares of land in Northern Okinawa is planned to be returned to …

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