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Navy Division Awarded Patent for Chemical, Biological, Radiological Detection Tech


Personnel from Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division have received a patent for a technology designed to help unmanned aircraft systems collect data in chemical, biological and radiological operations. The Senses CBR Agents Pre-Engagement and Goes Over All Terrain or SCAPEGOAT platform uses three dedicated detection modules, Naval Sea Systems Command said Friday.

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NIST Issues Commerce Dept’s 2018 Tech Transfer Report; Walter Copan Quoted

A Department of Commerce report has found an increase in technology transfer efforts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Institute for Telecommunication Sciences over the past five years.

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Report: China’s Quantum Tech Research Efforts Spark Concern in US

China has outpaced the U.S. in regards to producing patents for quantum technology over the past decade and some scientists say the Trump administration has voiced its concern about the number of Chinese students in the U.S. involved in quantum science studies and other sensitive scientific areas, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

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Army Secures Patent for Net Grenades to Disable Drones

The U.S. Army patented a net-carrying grenade-sized weapon that the service built to catch and deter unmanned aerial systems, C4ISRnet reported Monday. The grenade works in a standard 40mm launcher and features sensors that detect the target before launching the net onto the drones. Initial testing of the tool showed it can effectively engage and stop a UAS threat, according to the patent

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Army Obtains Patent for New Projectile Launcher Design

An employee of the U.S. Army has obtained a patent for a new projectile launcher he designed to help minimize munition weight and volume for future similar platforms. Paul Jackson from the Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center built a fixed high-low pressure system within the launcher system instead of …

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