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NASA Eyes Commercial Partnerships for Next Space Station Development; Phil McAlister Quoted

Phil McAlister

NASA plans to partner with commercial companies for the development of future space-based facilities as the International Space Station nears the end of service life. Phil McAlister, the agency's director of commercial spaceflight, said at Nextgov’s Emerging Tech Summit that they anticipate the ISS's retirement within the decade's latter part.

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NASA’s Human Exploration Directorate Completes Reorganization; Kathy Lueders Quoted

Kathy Lueders

Kathy Lueders, associate administrator of NASA’s human exploration and operations (HEO), said the HEO mission directorate has completed a reorganization and received approval from NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk with regard to the move. “It addressed some of the concerns that folks have had and is really getting us set up for our future missions going forward,” Lueders said. 

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NASA Postpones Solicitation Procedures for ‘Free-Flying’ LEO Station


NASA is terminating plans to develop a “free-flyer” commercial station as part of the agency’s long-term effort to commercialize operations in low-Earth orbit (LEO). In October, the agency issued a draft solicitation for the standalone station in LEO as part of Appendix K under the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnership (NextSTEP) program.

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