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Army Cross-Functional Team Assesses Positioning, Navigation, Timing Systems; William Nelson Quoted

William Nelson

A U.S. Army cross-functional team (CFT) held a two-week event to evaluate equipment designed to support the military branch's positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) assurance efforts. "PNTAX helps the Army inform requirements, validate and refine concepts, address capability gaps and assess solutions for future Army warfighting technologies," said Willie Nelson, director of APNT CFT.

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Army Seeks Industry Support for PNT Tech Dev’t Efforts


Col. Nick Kioutas, the U.S. Army’s program manager for position, navigation and timing, said that PNT is a critical part of the service branch’s portfolio, National Defense Magazine reported Thursday. He told attendees at an Army Futures Command media day in Arlington, Va. that PNT technologies are crucial for penetration, disintegration and exploitation activities especially in contested or service-denied environments. 

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