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GAO Launches Presidential and Congressional Transition Webpage; Gene Dodaro Quoted

Gene Dodaro

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has unveiled a transition webpage to inform incoming administration officials and lawmakers of major federal challenges and suggest ways on how to address them. The webpage has a find-an-expert tool that can link users to the agency’s audit staff to ask questions or get a full briefing. 

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House Committee Chairs Urge Federal Agencies to Observe Data Preservation Measures

Capitol Hill

More than 50 federal agencies have received communications from top House Democrats requesting their compliance with record and document preservation requirements as the representatives prepare for the presidential transition. In their letters to 53 agencies, the House committee chairs emphasized the government's obligation to save and archive any Congress-requested information "in a manner that is easily retrievable."

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The Hill: Trump Administration Targets $10T in Federal Spending Cuts

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is planning for a $10.5 trillion cut in federal government budget over 10 years in a bid to reduce federal bureaucracy, The Hill newspaper reported Thursday. Alexander Bolton writes that transition officials Russ Vought and John Gray met with White House career staff to discuss the incoming administration’s plans …

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Obama Vows Continuity of Leadership in Transition Period

President Barack Obama has assured the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman and military commanders that there would be continuity of leadership during during the U.S. government’s transition to a new administration, The Hill newspaper reported Wednesday. Kristina Wong writes Obama made the statement in his last meeting with U.S. Marine Corps Gen. …

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GAO Unveils New Mobile App to Aid Upcoming Presidential and Congressional Transitions

The Government Accountability Office has introduced a mobile application designed to help users access GAO’s priority recommendations for government operations management in support of the upcoming presidential and congressional transitions. Gene Dodaro, U.S. comptroller general and GAO leader, said Thursday the app is designed to directly lay out lists of major changes necessary during …

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