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National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Issues Post-Quantum Cryptography White Paper


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has unveiled the final version of its white paper on post-quantum cryptography. The white paper sheds light on the challenges related to the adoption of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms once the new standards for using them are developed.

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Raytheon BBN Technologies Publishes Major Development to Detect Single Photon of Light; Brad Tousley, Kin Chung Fong Quoted

Quantum Computing

Raytheon announced on Tuesday that Raytheon BBN Technologies, a subsidiary of Raytheon Intelligence & Space, have published their research regarding, via the academic journal Science, a component called a “Josephson junction,” which is a new method to detect a single photon, or a particle of light. Raytheon BBN has been providing advanced technology research and development for more than 70 years. 

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Senators Introduce Legislation to Assist DOD Quantum Computing Efforts; Sen. Maggie Hassan Quote

U.S. Senate

Congress is pushing for the Department of Defense (DOD) to improve its workforce in the highly specialized quantum computing field. Sens. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. and John Thune, R-S.D have introduced two bills aimed at streamlining pipelines for the DOD and the private sector to acquire students graduating with quantum-related degrees.

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NSA Puts up Collaborative Laboratory for Quantum Bit Research

National Security

The National Security Agency (NSA) has established and launched a new collaborative facility to support quantum science research focused on qubits. NSA said Tuesday that its Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) stood up the LPS Qubit Collaboratory, where academia, industry and government entities can pursue collaborative qubit-focused research. The broad agency announcement for this solicitation can be found here

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DARPA Rolls Out Quantum Research Benchmarking Program; Joe Altepeter Quoted

Quantum Research

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a program that focuses on establishing testable metrics for assessing progress in quantum computing research. The agency also intends to produce estimates for traditional and quantum resources including complex algorithms and standard hardware. The agency plans to hold a webinar on the benchmarking effort over the coming weeks.

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DHS to Hold Sprints on Driving Cybersecurity Response; Alejandro Mayorkas Quoted

Alejandro Mayorkas

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is launching a cybersecurity sprint event in support of the Biden administration's efforts to drive cyber response. DHS will hold a series of exercises focused on major IT topic areas such as ransomware, industrial control systems, workforce, election security, transportation security and international-focused efforts.

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DOD Research & Engineering Heads Talk 5G Experiments, Laser Development, Quantum Computing Efforts

Cryptographic Module

Joseph Evans, a principal director at the Department of Defense (DOD), has said the department is continuing 5G prototyping efforts and that there are plenty of partnership opportunities for industry. 5G has transformational benefits in multiple areas such as internet of things (IoT), unmanned vehicles and sensors, according to Evans.

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DOD Secretary Nominee Gen. Lloyd Austin Talks Pandemic Response, Military Alliances at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Gen. Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin, a retired U.S. Army general and President Biden’s nominee for the defense secretary post, said his top priorities once confirmed would be to address the COVID-19 pandemic, counter extremism within the U.S. and reaffirm military alliances with countries in the Indo-Pacific amid China’s aggression. Gen. Austin expressed support to the Department of Defense’s proactive cybersecurity approach called “defend forward.”

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Michael Hayduk on Air Force Research Lab’s Quantum Initiatives

Michael Hayduk

Michael Hayduk, deputy director of the information directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), said AFRL has launched several initiatives focused on advancing quantum information science. He said the lab awarded 23 Small Business Technology Transfer Phase II contracts worth approximately $35 million to 15 small businesses in December 2020 for projects spanning AFRL’s four QIS technical areas. 

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AFRL Picks 17 Research Grantees for Quantum Computing Tech Accelerator; Shery Welsh Quoted

Shery Welsh

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded 17 research grants to U.S. and international participants as part of the lab’s tech accelerator program with a focus on quantum-based communications, computing, sensing and timing. Shery Welsh, director of AFOSR, said the tech accelerator serves as entry point for identifying researchers seeking to address issues beyond traditional quantum information science.

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