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James Stewart: DoD Employs New Recruiting Approaches

James Stewart, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, said the Department of Defense is working to grow its military force with new methods. DoD is using social media to advertise recruitment and applying artificial intelligence to build analysis-based engagement plans, according to an article published Friday on the department's website.

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Adam Hickey: Cyber Threats Drive DOJ to Recruit Lawyers With Tech Background

Adam Hickey, deputy assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice, told Federal News Network in an interview published Friday that DOJ is ramping up its efforts to recruit lawyers with background in modern technologies amid the increasing cyber threats facing the federal government.

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FCC Issues Final Rule on CIO’s IT Responsibilities

The Federal Communications Commission introduced a final rule to direct the agency’s chief information officer to play a “significant role” in developing FCC’s information technology capabilities. The FCC CIO will play a bigger role in IT oversight, management and governance; decision-making process for budgeting, multiyear and annual planning, programming and reports related to IT; and recruitment of IT personnel, according to the document.

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Dave Mihelcic on Shutdown’s Impact on Government’s Tech Recruitment Efforts, Image

Dave Mihelcic, federal chief technology and strategy officer at Juniper Networks, has said the government shutdown could push potential new hires, technologists and other highly skilled employees to seek employment outside the federal government, Nextgov reported Friday. “If this shutdown goes for much longer, you could see some of those best, most employable [people] fleeing,” he told Nextgov.

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