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GAO: DoD Failing to Properly Assess, Deploy Military Medical Personnel

The Government Accountability Office has released a report highlighting the Defense Department’s failure to properly assess and assign its over 241,000 medical personnel to military treatment facilities, which led to workforce challenges and poor patient care.

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NASA, Partners Detail How Human Spaceflight in LEO Can Boost Economy, Exploration

An interagency effort led by NASA submitted a report to the National Space Council detailing the opportunities and challenges for human spaceflight in low-Earth orbit and how it could help boost economy and space exploration. The agency said Saturday, it issued the report in partnership with the departments of State and Commerce. In February, The National Space Council called on NASA to work with other federal agencies to create a national strategy for human spaceflight in LEO. 

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GAO Audits Defense, Energy Department Budget for Nuclear Arsenal Sustainment, Modernization

The Government Accountability Office has published its audit of an annual joint report by the Defense Department and Energy Department on the estimated budget required for the upkeep and modernization of the country’s nuclear arsenal. The GAO stated that it had found the budget estimates in the joint report for fiscal year 2018 “generally accurate and complete based on the underlying data that DoD used to create them.” The oversight agency also said the joint report had managed to address concerns previously raised about the methodology used to arrive at the budget estimates.

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DHS Calls for Research Into Holding Supply Chain Firms Accountable for Security Lapses

The Department of Homeland Security has published a research strategy that identifies capability gaps affecting the integrity of U.S. data infrastructure, Nextgov reported Thursday. The document, prepared by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, points out multiple cybersecurity topics or themes where private or public researchers can focus their efforts. One such area of research involves ensuring the accountability of supply chain firms for security lapses.

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IDC Report Describes HHS Implementation of Blockchain in Acquisition Record-Keeping

IDC recently released a study that describes the implementation of blockchain technology in the government. The study, in particular, highlights the use of a distributed ledger for the Department of Health and Human Service's acquisition record-keeping program, Nextgov reported Friday.

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GAO: Small Business Administration’s Procurement Scorecard Needs to Inspire More Spending Confidence

A Government Accountability Office report indicates a standstill in the Small Business Administration's procurement scorecard progress and recommends evaluating new scoring methodologies to further encourage contract award opportunities for small businesses.

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GAO Warns of Cost, Schedule Risks to Coast Guard’s Icebreaker Shipbuilding Program

The Government Accountability Office said in a recent audit report that the U.S. Coast Guard's Heavy Polar Icebreaker Program runs the risk of "breaching its established baselines" because these were established before a preliminary design review had been conducted. According to the HPIB acquisition framework, the preliminary design review will be conducted only after the shipbuilding contract is awarded in 2019. The GAO recommended that the Department of Homeland Security require the Coast Guard to revise the HPIB program baselines after the design review is completed and before ship construction begins.

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GAO Recommends DoD Issue Criteria for Monitoring Utilities Contracts

The Defense Department has received a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office directing military departments and the Defense Logistics Agency to follow a criteria for measuring the performance of utilities privatization contracts.

The GAO said in a report published Tuesday that military departments have failed to note the costs and reliability of utility commodities and modifications, as well as evaluate contractor performance during utility privatization efforts for military installations.

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