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Rear Adm. Thomas Luscher Assumes Navy Reserve Forces Command Leadership

Rear Adm. Thomas Luscher, formerly deputy chief of Navy Reserve, has been appointed as commander of the Navy Reserve Forces Command. He officially succeeded Rear Adm. Eric Coy Young during a change-of-command ceremony held Tuesday at the CNRFC headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the U.S. Navy said Wednesday. Luscher received the naval aviator …

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Lt. Gen. Mike Holmes: Air Force Eyes Near-Term Procurement of Light Attack Aircraft

The U.S. Air Force looks to test various off-the-shelf aerial platforms in spring 2017 as the service branch considers procurement of a new aircraft for light-attack missions, Defense News reported Monday. Valerie Insinna writes Lt. Gen. James Holmes, deputy chief of staff for strategic plans and requirements at the Air Force, suggested the idea of demonstration flights to the …

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Stephen Welby: DoD Must Gain Innovation Advantage Over Adversaries for Tech Edge

Stephen Welby, assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering, has said Defense Department must be more innovative than the U.S.’ adversaries if the country is to hold technological superiority in battle, DoD News reported Friday. Welby discussed research-and-development efforts across the defense sector at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and …

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Deborah Lee James: More Assessment Needed Before DoD’s Final Cost Estimate for Nuclear Modernization

Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James believes the Defense Department needs more room for evaluation before it can finalize the cost estimate on the effort to modernize the U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal, National Defense Magazine reported Wednesday. John Harper writes DoD’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation Office estimated the cost of the …

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NASA Seeks In-Space Spacecraft Assembly Concepts From University Students

NASA has invited university student teams and their faculty advisers to design and analyze concepts that utilize modular space systems and robotic technology for in-space spacecraft assembly. NASA’s Game Changing Development Program and the National Institute of Aerospace seek ideas for the development of tugs that are powered by solar electric propulsion and would …

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