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Missile Defense Agency Begins Experiment on Small Satellites


Two CubeSat small satellites operated by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) linked with ground stations as part of a communications experiment. MDA said Monday its CubeSat Networked Communications Experiment aims to demonstrate how nanosatellites can establish radio communications in orbit. CNCE is part of MDA's larger Nanosat Testbed Initiative.

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NOAA Eyes Use of Small Satellites for Weather Forecasts; Greg Mandt Quoted

Polar-Orbiting Satellites

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is looking to deploy a constellation of small satellites for weather forecast activities in the future. NOAA considers using small polar-orbiting satellites for the agency's next constellation, instead of traditional large spacecraft like the existing Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS).

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NASA Developing New Earth System Observatory for Guiding Climate Change Mitigation Efforts; Bill Nelson Quoted

Bill Nelson

NASA plans to establish a new Earth system observatory that could help inform efforts on climate change, disaster mitigation and forest fire response as well as support modernization of real-time agricultural processes. The space agency said Tuesday that the observatory is aimed at providing a 3D view of Earth, from bedrock to atmosphere.

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CNO Michael Gilday: Navy Plans to Transfer Satellite Operations to Space Force

Adm. Michael Gilday

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Michael Gilday has shared the U.S. Navy's plan of transferring the operations of its 13 satellites to the Space Force and assured that the process will be easy due to both military service branches' connection to Space Command. The CNO also talked about the Navy's decision to continue doing space-related work at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

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SDA to Solicit Satellites for Future Space Transport Layer; Derek Tournear Quoted

Derek Tournear

The Space Development Agency (SDA) will launch a solicitation for a new set of 150 satellites in August 2021, for a network of communications satellites planned to begin launching three years from now. SDA is looking to award three individual contracts for a total of 150 communications satellites but may change this procurement approach depending on the solicitation's results.

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Steve Butow: U.S. Military Eyes New Space Architecture to Facilitate Emerging Tech Integration

Steve Butow

Steve Butow, director of the space portfolio at the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), said the U.S. military is now looking to migrate to a new space architecture that could allow the government to incorporate emerging technologies and use commoditized satellite buses and related components to build modular systems, SpaceNews reported Wednesday.

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Ball Aerospace to Support NASA Solar Cruiser; Dr. Makenzie Lystrup Quoted

Ball Aerospace

Ball Aerospace has been selected to support a NASA small satellite technology demonstration, Solar Cruiser. Ball will perform several mission-critical functions, including the integration and test of the satellite bus with the solar sail system that will form the completed Sailcraft. Ball’s efforts will inform on the use of solar photons for propulsion in space. 

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SpaceX Launches Radio Satellite Aboard Falcon 9; Karen St. Germain Quoted


SpaceX has launched the SXM-7 satellite for SiriusXM, a satellite radio company, aboard the Falcon 9 on Dec. 13th. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 12:30 p.m. EST. The rocket’s upper stage deployed the SXM-7 satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit 31 minutes after liftoff.

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Ball Aerospace Completes CDR of MethaneSAT Flight System; Dr. Makenzie Lystrup, Cassandra Ely Quoted

Dr. Makenzie Lystrup

Ball Aerospace has successfully completed the critical design review (CDR) of the flight system and advanced spectrometer instrument that will be integrated onto a 350-kilogram satellite for MethaneSAT, a subsidiary of the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The completion of CDR has enabled Ball to move into part fabrication and assembly.

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L3Harris to Build Space Reflector Antenna for AirBus Defence; Ed Zoiss Quoted

Ed Zoiss

L3Harris Technologies has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to build a space reflector antenna for a next-generation satellite that will provide mobile telecommunication services throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Central Asia. L3Harris has designed and built large-aperture reflectors and deployable mesh reflector-feed antenna systems ranging from one meter to the world's largest commercially available 22-meter reflector.

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