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Margaret Weichert: White House to Prioritize Cyber, Security Clearance Reforms in Gov’t Reorganization

Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, said at a Senate panel hearing Wednesday the Trump administration will start its government reorganization effort with transferring authority of security clearances and standardizing cyber jobs, Nextgov reported Wednesday. She told Senate Homeland Security Committee members the White …

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GAO: US Biodefense Enterprise Needs Central Leadership, Oversight

The Government Accountability Office has said in a new report to the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the U.S. biodefense enterprise needs an established leadership strategy. GAO said in the report published Thursday it found that there is no unifying biodefense leadership and oversight structure to facilitate accountability and operational efficiency. The agency said past reports from …

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DHS, DOJ Report Ransomware Incidents at Federal Agencies

The Department of Homeland Security has said it has received 321 reports of ransomware-related incidents from 29 federal agencies, The Hill newspaper reported Wednesday. Cory Bennett writes DHS noted that there were no cases in which agencies paid threat actors due to the inability of the malware to infect the agencies’ network …

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Jeh Johnson Backs Senate Panel’s Proposed Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act

Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has backed a cybersecurity bill that the Senate Homeland Security Committee sent for a full Senate vote last week, Nextgov reported Friday. Aliya Sternstein writes that the proposed Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act would support DHS surveillance of public Internet traffic on government IT networks. “This …

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GAO Report Finds Federal IT Acquisition to be Successful

  The Hill.com recently reported on the Government Accountability Office‘s federal IT acquisition report. Some of the findings include adequate funding, staff expertise and engagement from all stakeholders being among the critical factors common to most successful federal technology projects. The Hill says the traditional federal technology acquisition process has …

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