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DoD Planning to Leverage F-35 Sensors for Multidomain Warfare

The Department of Defense is working to use technologies such as the F-35 fighter jet’s sensors to support multi-platform transmission of data to improve air dominance in combat, USNI News reported Wednesday. Maj. Gen. David Krumm, director of global power programs under the office of the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics, said at a Mitchell Institute event said the Pentagon aims to establish a “network-connected family of systems” that operate together to gather relevant information for aerial warfare. 

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DARPA Eyes Near-Zero-Power Tech to Extend Sensor Operational Life

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking proposals on near-zero-power sensor technologies as part of the Near Zero Power RF and Sensor Operations program to address current power limitations of remote wireless military sensors. DARPA said Monday the N-ZERO program aims to develop sensing functions that enable passive monitoring and eventual activation …

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NIST’s Herbert Bennett, Michael Gaitan Help Shape Latest IEEE Microsensors Standard

Two officials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology took part in the formulation of the latest guidance on sensors to earn approval from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association, NIST said Monday. The IEEE 2700-2014 development team included NIST Fellow and Executive Advisor Dr. Herbert S. Bennett and Dr. Michael …

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