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Aviation & Missile Center Begins Dev’t of FORCE Simulator

The Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Aviation and Missile Center is developing a simulator to equip warfighters with reinforced survivability, lethality and situational awareness functions, Dvids reported Monday. “We’re looking to evaluate the impact of autonomy, the human-machine interface, and decision-aiding tools on an air mission commander performing manned/ unmanned teaming missions,” said Tom Alicia, engineering research psychologist at AvMC's Aviation Development Diretorate.

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Army Seeks to Develop New Realistic Simulation Environment

The U.S. Army is seeking to develop a new virtual training environment with higher fidelity than older simulation systems, Defense News reported Monday. The Synthetic Training Environment effort aims to replace the Army’s stove-piped trainers made in the 80s and 90s with a virtual multi-domain environment that provides enhanced realism. Maj. Gen. Maria Gervais, who …

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Marine Corps Plans Laser-based Shooting Simulation Tech Upgrade

The U.S. Marine Corps wants to update the military branch’s force-on-force shooting simulation system to accommodate replication for arcing shooting, Marine Corps Times reported Tuesday. The branch aims to increase the capacity of laser systems to replicate the weight of bullets, a factor critical to simulating shots from mortars and grenade launchers, the …

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Navy Creates Mobile Combat Simulation Tech for Civilian Use

The U.S. Navy has developed a mobile combat simulation platform that will allow civilian users to experience a Navy SEAL water extraction mission in a virtual environment. The service branch said Friday it will showcase the technology this month during the Sacramento Navy Week and San Francisco Fleet Week events in California as well as at University of Texas campuses …

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