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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force to Capitalize on Small, Fast Satellites

Gen. John Raymond

Gen. John Raymond, the U.S. Space Force's chief of space operations, said microelectronics and advanced propulsion can enable small satellites that can be deployed in large numbers while having the computing power to rapidly transmit data. He said at an Arizona State University-sponsored virtual conference that USSF wants to capitalize on these technologies as the military updates satellite networks.

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NOAA Eyes Use of Small Satellites for Weather Forecasts; Greg Mandt Quoted

Polar-Orbiting Satellites

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is looking to deploy a constellation of small satellites for weather forecast activities in the future. NOAA considers using small polar-orbiting satellites for the agency's next constellation, instead of traditional large spacecraft like the existing Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS).

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NASA to Launch Smallsat Missions Totaling $140M for Solar Probe Initiative

Solar Probe Initiative

NASA is slated to launch two small-satellite missions valued at $140 million combined as part of the agency’s Heliophysics Solar Terrestrial Probes initiative in 2025. NASA also allocated funding for the Spectral Imaging of Heliospheric Lyman Alpha (SIHLA) mission of opportunity which will involve mapping the sky to study the boundary between the heliosphere and heliopause.

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Christopher Scolese: Small Satellites Provide NRO More Opportunities to Do Science

Christopher Scolese

Christopher Scolese, director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), said the NRO is becoming more dependent on small satellites to support research experiments. He said the agency is leveraging low-cost launch services and small satellites to bring more technology platforms in space to explore future mission capabilities.

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DARPA’s Paul Thomas on Fast-Tracking ‘Blackjack’ Space Network Initiative

Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas, project manager for the Blackjack effort at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), said the agency is moving forward with the program after evaluating commercial technologies and identifying potential risks. He noted that the agency is “tying up all the loose ends” of its phase one contract and studying its options after evaluating technical risks.

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