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Jim Bridenstine Discusses NASA-Related Policies on Commercial Space

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discussed during the recent Space Transportation Association luncheon the space policy directives involving the agency and the Trump administration’s commercial space projects, Space News reported Thursday. Bridenstine noted that Space Policy Directive 1 is the most relevant directive to NASA as it directs the organization to …

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NRO, NASA, Air Force Declare Open Competition for Space Launches

The National Reconnaissance Office, NASA and the U.S. Air Force are attempting to encourage more companies to seek contracts with new guideline for certifying commercial launch vehicles to send payloads into space and complete Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle missions, as reported by Signal Online. The guideline combines similar practices while …

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NASA Names New Flight Directors for International Space Station

NASA has selected three new flight directors to manage International Space Station operations, the agency announced Monday. Judd Frieling, Tomas Gonzalez-Torres and Greg Whitney will join human spaceflight leaders at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Frieling was previously a data processing systems officer, supporting 20 shuttle flights and working …

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ROSAT Satellite To Fall Back to Earth Next Week

Another satellite is expected to fall back to Earth sometime between Oct. 21 and 25. This time, it’s the German-built Roentgen satellite which was launched by NASA in 1990 from Florida. ROSAT, an x-ray telescope, finished its mission on Feb. 12, 1999 and ran out of fuel thereafter. Since then, …

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NASA Admin Says World Cooperation Keeps Space Costs Down

Keeping costs down is the key challenge for NASA and other space agencies around the world, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said Monday. Bolden addressed top officials of international space agencies at the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. Bolden said the U.S. government supports the space program but …

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NASA Rules Out N. America As Dead Satellite Drop Zone

A dead NASA satellite falling to Earth will not pass over North America during its re-entry into the atmosphere, the space agency said. The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is expected to enter the Earth’s atmosphere Friday afternoon, with all but 26 pieces expected to burn up upon re-entry. “The satellite …

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