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Commerce Dept’s Mark Daley Offers Update on Space Traffic Management Transition Effort

Mark Daley

Mark Daley, deputy for operations at the office of space commerce, said a memorandum of understanding could be signed soon that would facilitate the transfer of space traffic management responsibilities from the Pentagon to the Department of Commerce (DOC). DoD and Commerce have been working together to facilitate the transition once Congress allocates funding and issues authorities. 

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Air Force to Deliver Satellite, Space Debris Data Storage to Dept of Commerce

The U.S. Air Force is slated to hand over a library of space and satellite debris data to the Department of Commerce to delegate space notification responsibilities to the agency, Spacenews reported Friday. President Trump signed Space Policy Directive 3 ordering the Department of Defense to provide public space situational awareness data to the Department of Commerce.

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DoD Declassifies Space Traffic Data to Back Commercialization Effort

The Department of Defense has started to declassify space traffic data as part of the U.S. government’s effort to advance space commercialization and safety, Popular Mechanics reported Thursday. “This is us being transparent, leaning forward and trying to enhance that spaceflight safety through data sharing,” Col. Scott Brodeur, director of the Combined Space Operation Center, told the publication.

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