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New White House Directive Establishes Space Cybersecurity Principles

White House

President Trump has signed a new space policy directive outlining a set of principles to protect space systems from cyber threats. Operators and owners of space assets should collaborate to foster the development of best practices and share incident, threat and warning data within the space industry using information sharing and analysis centers and other venues.

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NSC’s Scott Pace on Point-to-Point Suborbital Spaceflight

Scott Pace

Scott Pace, executive secretary of the National Space Council, said he still sees the market for point-to-point, high-speed suborbital spaceflight as “somewhat over the horizon,” SpaceNews reported Tuesday. Pace provided updates on space policy directives and reaffirmed the administration’s support for the commercial space sector.

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New White House Directive Calling for DoD to Form Space Force


President Trump signed a new directive to establish the new U.S. Space Force as the sixth military branch within the Department of the Air Force. The fourth space policy directive published Tuesday says the secretary of the Department of Defense should submit to the Office of Management and Budget a legislative proposal creating the Space Force.

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