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Air Force to Name Preferred Spacecom HQ Location in Early 2021

US Space Command

The Department of the Air Force has unveiled the six finalists for the location of U.S. Space Command headquarters, with the winning site to be announced early next year. Department personnel will assess the downselected facilities through a site visit and a virtual tour based on criteria that include infrastructure capacity, community support, mission and cost factors. 

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Gen. James Dickinson: Spacecom Eyes HQ Relocation, Workforce Expansion in 2021

Gen. James Dickinson

Gen. James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, has said the command seeks to expand its personnel beyond 1,000 ahead of the potential relocation of its headquarters in 2021. He noted that Spacecom is working to ensure that space is a “safe domain in which to operate.”

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Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson: Space Command Working on New Tech Capabilities Against Russian, Chinese Threats

Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson

Army National Guard Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson, mobilization assistant to the commander of U.S. Space Command, said anti-satellite missiles, on-orbit platforms and other counter-space weapon systems from Russia and China keep Spacecom “up at night” but the command is working on new technology capabilities that could mitigate such threats.

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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force to Support Nation’s Satellite Security


Gen. John Raymond, who leads U.S. Space Command, said the country would be able to better protect satellites with the U.S. Space Force's establishment, Space News reported Monday. Raymond sat down with Space News to talk about various developments regarding Space Command and the Space Force.

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