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DARPA Announces Winner of Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

Students, scholars and professors at the University of Florida have won a radio frequency-focused contest hosted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA said Thursday it held the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge's championship during an event at Mobile World Congress 2019 that took place Oct 22 to 24 in Los Angeles.

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DARPA’s RF Channel Emulator to Support Collaborative Machine-Learning Competition

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has unveiled a radio signal traffic emulator built to simulate electromagnetic communications during DARPA’s collaborative machine-learning competition. The Colosseum will serve as a testbed for electromagnetic systems in civilian and military domains as part of the three-year, $3.75 million Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, DARPA said Friday. A team of …

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DARPA Eyes Autonomous Bots to Fix Software Security Issues

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency believes autonomous systems could help to patch loopholes in software security based on the results of the 2016 Cyber Grand Challenge, DoD News reported Sunday. DARPA officials also see the hacking tournament as representing an advancement in the Defense Department’s cybersecurity research efforts, Cheryl Pellerin reports. “Our …

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DARPA Launches Competition on Machine-Learning Platforms for EM Spectrum Collaboration

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has unveiled a three-year competition that seeks to develop machine-learning platforms designed to allow civilian and military wireless devices to gain access to the electromagnetic spectrum. DARPA launched the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge at the two-day International Wireless Communications Expo that kicked off Wednesday in Las Vegas, …

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