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NASA Carrying Out Space Weather Experiment Mission on ISS

NASA intends to execute a mission to assist scientists in the forecast and research Earth's space weather systems. The Atmospheric Waves Experiment initiative seeks to study atmospheric airglows to confirm the mixture of forces that are contributing to space climate in the upper atmosphere, the agency said Tuesday. Researchers have also noted that the Earth's climate and the Sun's outflow of ultraviolet light particles potentially affect space weather conditions.

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NASA Re-Establishes Contact With Sun-Watching Spacecraft

NASA has re-established contact with one of its sun-watching spacecraft after 22 months of communication attempts. The space agency said Sunday its Deep Space Network was able to connect with the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories spacecraft’s downlink signal during a monthly recovery operation. The connection allowed the mission operations team to determine STEREO-B’s attitude and power down …

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Johns Hopkins APL-NASA Mission Enters System Assembly, Integration Phase for Solar Data Mission

NASA will proceed to the system assembly, integration, test and launch stage for a mission to the sun scheduled to launch in the summer of 2018. Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory said Thursday the space agency has completed a management review development milestone on the Solar Probe Plus program that will send a spacecraft on a data …

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CBO: Govt Used $16B in FY 2015 Tax Preferences for Energy Development Support

A Congressional Budget Office report estimates that the federal government used $15.8 billion in tax preferences to support the development, manufacture and utilization of energy and fuel technologies in fiscal year 2015. CBO said Wednesday that it also found changes in the composition of energy-associated tax preferences since 2005. According to the …

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