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ARL Acquires Two New Supercomputers to Improve Performance, Push AI, Machine Learning Tools; Matt Goss Quoted

Army Research Laboratory

Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has received two new supercomputers, named “Jean and Kay,” to address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most data-intensive computational challenges and drive the continued development of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. “Jean and Kay” will also offer a chance for DoD’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) to shift and refresh its capabilities.

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AFRL Launches New R&D Supercomputers

The Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center at Air Force Research Laboratory employs four new supercomputers for research and development activities, 2 News reported Tuesday. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base unveiled the Mustang, Shadow, Spectre and Voodoo computers during a ceremony on Tuesday. 

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RAND, LLNL Host Joint Workshop on High-Performance Computing for Water Mgmt

Non-profit research organization RAND Corporation and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have hosted a joint workshop that facilitated the analysis of water management strategies through high-performance computer simulations. LLNL said Thursday workshop participants used supercomputer simulations to test water management portfolios such as conservation, groundwater and seawater desalination and water reuse against climate change …

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DOE to Spotlight National Lab Supercomputers on Website

The Energy Department will feature supercomputers used at national laboratories on its web site this month to highlight scientific research initiatives at the labs, energy.gov reported Wednesday. DOE aims to shed light on the history and transformation of information technology resources at the national labs, Ben Dotson, project coordinator for digital reform …

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