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Gregory Slavonic Performs Duties of Navy Undersecretary


Gregory Slavonic, assistant secretary of the Navy for manpower and reserve affairs, is carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the service’s undersecretary in addition to his current role, USNI News reported Tuesday. The undersecretary role is a Senate-confirmed post vacated by Thomas Modly, who also served as acting secretary of the Navy, after he stepped down in early April.

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Thomas Modly Wants Task Force to Look at Future Role of Aircraft Carriers

Thomas Modly, acting secretary of the Navy, is commissioning a task force to carry out a study to look at the future role of carrier-based naval aviation in the global security environment for 2030 and beyond. The Future Carrier 2030 task force will examine how best to modernize and use the existing fleet of aircraft carriers to address the challenges posed by advanced long-range weapons, determine possible limitations of means in future defense budgets and provide an opportunity to consider future technologies for carrier-based naval aviation as part of the six-month study, the Navy said Monday.

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Navy Unveils Information Security Vision

The Department of the Navy has released a report outlining measures to modernize, innovate and defend its information systems against cyber vulnerabilities in support of the service’s new information management strategy.

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Navy Dept Seeks to Reinvest $40B in 5 Years; Thomas Modly Comments

The Department of the Navy plans to implement a cost assessment initiative to help save $40 billion from fiscal years 2022 through 2026, USNI News reported Tuesday. As part of the Stem-to-Stem Review program, DoN will aim to reprogram $8 billion per year to support Future Defense Program priorities including readiness improvement and ballistic missile submarine procurement.

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Thomas Modly: Navy to Focus on Hypersonic Projects This Year

Thomas Modly, acting secretary of the U.S. Navy, told his service branch to focus on hypersonic weapons this year, USNI News reported Friday. The secretary issued a memo, titled SECNAV Vectors 9, that emphasizes the need to be at the lead of hypersonic weapon development due to the technology's increasing significance in the battlefield.

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