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NASA-Established Planetary Protection Board Reports Recommendations

A NASA-established review board has made recommendations on preventing inter-contamination between Earth and other planets within the solar system. The space agency said Friday that its Planetary Protection Independent Review Board produced 43 recommendations and 34 findings that are included in a recent NASA report.

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NASA to Deploy Hyperspectral Radiometer for Coastal Water Studies

NASA will use an imaging tool to conduct studies of coastal waters from space to sustain coastal ecosystems and optimize resource management functions. Developed by a team from the University of New Hampshire, the Geosynchronous Littoral Imaging and Monitoring Radiometer is a hyperspectral ocean color radiometer will observe ocean chemistry, biology and ecology in the southeastern U.S. coastline, Gulf of Mexico and Amazon River, the agency said Friday

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NASA Launching Two Missions for Solar Impact Research

NASA is preparing for two missions to support research into heliophysics or how the sun impacts planetary phenomena. The agency said Friday that the first initiative, known as the “Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere” mission, will use real-time imaging technology and small satellites to study the generation of solar winds by the sun’s corona or outer atmosphere.

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NASA Advisory Council Suggests Review on Planetary Protection Guidelines; Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted

NASA's advisory council is recommending the space agency to review existing policies on preventing extraplanetary matter from contaminating earth and Earth-based spacecraft from contaminating foreign planets, Space News reported Friday. Following a two-day meeting, the council advises NASA to establish a committee to conduct this review on planetary protection and formulate policies that balance exchanges between Earth and other planetary bodies.

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NASA Selects Landing Spot for Mars 2020 Mission After Five-Year Assessment

NASA will land its Mars 2020 Rover on the red planet's Jezero Crater for a mission to search for past microbial life and gather rock and soil samples. The space agency said Tuesday it evaluated over 60 potential landing spots before selecting the Jezero Crater, a former location of an ancient river delta.

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