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USAF Demonstrates B-1B Aircraft’s Expanded Weapons Carriage

B-1B Lancer

A B-1B Lancer aircraft carried a joint air-to-surface standoff missile with an external pylon at Edwards Air Force Base to demonstrate expanded carriage. The aircraft demonstrated performance that may serve as stepping stones to carrying hypersonic weapons in the future. The flight demonstration followed multiple ground tests including one that featured a modified internal bomb bay.

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Gen. Charles Brown: Air Force Likely to See Major Changes in FY 2023

Gen. Charles Brown

Gen. Charles "C.Q." Brown, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, said he expects to see major changes in the service’s inventory in fiscal year 2023 once the military branch completes force planning exercises and shapes the budget request based on the findings. “We are going to retire some [aircraft in FY22], but it’s not a huge amount,” Brown said. 

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Peter Ranks: DoD Information Enterprise Office Explores Intersection of DevOps, Cybersecurity

Peter Ranks

Peter Ranks, deputy chief information officer for Information Enterprise at the Department of Defense (DoD), said his office will help DoD track its cybersecurity progress when implementing DevOps software development practices. DoD designated the program as one of its enterprise service providers for DevSecOps in May 2020 to take security measures into consideration throughout the software development process. 

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Air Force Updates Investment Strategy for Small Business Contractors; Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson Quoted

Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson

The U.S Air Force is modifying its innovation strategy to focus more on breaking down barriers for small businesses that are new to working with government customers, National Defense Magazine reported Thursday. The Air Force has recently awarded a number of first-time contractors for the Small Business Innovation Research program.

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USAF Fields VR Tech During Experimental Exercise Event

Virtual Reality

Chaplains from the U.S. Air Force's 366th Fighter Wing took part in an experimental exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base from Oct. 21 to 29 to demonstrate a new lead wing command design in deployed environments. The Agile Flag 21-1 drill participants employed virtual reality to help combat stress and frustration while in deployed areas

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Space Force to Manage X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle Ops; Barbara Barrett Quoted

Barbara Barrett

The U.S. Space Force will oversee the operations of an experimental space plane built by Boeing to demonstrate systems to provide the Space Force with an unmanned space test platform. Space Force has established the Delta 9 unit to manage the X-37B platform and carry out orbital warfare operations for the service branch.

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AFRL Opens New Lab at Kirtland AFB for Deployable Space Structure Tests

Deployable Space

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has inaugurated a new facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, built to test novel deployable space structures for the service branch. The 7,000 square foot Deployable Structures Laboratory features a secure and climate-controlled, vibration isolated area to test high-strain composite materials. 

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Air Force Rolls Out Software Dev’t Skills Refinement Effort

Software Devt Skills

The U.S. Air Force is launching a software development program to refine the technical skills of personnel through “low-code, no-code” or minimal training activities. The CyberWorx program is aimed at establishing partnerships with academia and industry to help train airmen on executing software development tasks on an expert level. 

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USAF Cyber, ISR Unit Eyes Open-Systems ABMS Tech; Lt. Gen. Mary O’Brien Quoted

Lt. Gen. Mary O Brien

The U.S. Air Force’s new office for cyber as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations is continuing work to establish the service branch’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). “Their mission is to defend and ensure electromagnetic spectrum access for the Air Force and DoD activities in support of our national policy objectives and global operations,” said Lt. Gen. Mary O’Brien.

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Air Force Unveils Tracker Tech for Storm Damage Assessment; Dave Thomander Quoted

U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) has deployed a storm damage tracker to assess infrastructure damage brought by natural disasters on USAF installations. the tracker collects various information such as independent government estimates, statements of work and photos of the damage, the service branch said Sunday.

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