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NRL Develops Gallium Nitride Electronic Component Rivaling 5G Speed


The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has created a new electrical component that shows the potential to exceed 5G connectivity's expected speed. The resonant tunneling diode is made from gallium nitride and works to transport electrons at fast speeds via quantum tunneling, an occurrence wherein electrons move through physical barriers to produce current, NRL said Friday.

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Naval Research Lab Signs Partnership With Tech Incubator to Boost Innovation

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory established a partnership with a network of developers, startups and investors to boost the Navy’s access to the tech market for future naval capabilities. NRL said Wednesday that it will help Navy researchers understand the culture, mindset and tools being used by tech startups to develop their products. 

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Naval Research Laboratory Gets Tech Transfer Recognition; Erick Iezzi Comments

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has received the 2016 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award from the Mid-Atlantic Region Federal Laboratory Consortium for the lab’s work on contaminant transfer analyst and siloxane-based non-skid coating technologies. The award recognizes NRL’s effort to deliver the CT-Analyst tool to first responders at the federal, state, …

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Naval Research Laboratory Detects Acoustic Emission with Fiber Laser Sensor; Geoffrey Cranch Comments

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory‘s optical sciences division has detected acoustic emissions from cracks in riveted lap joints with a new fiber laser-acoustic emission sensor during a demonstration for that technology. Researchers inserted distributed feedback fiber laser acoustic emission sensors in riveted aluminum lap joints and measured acoustic emission for two …

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John Schaub Takes Helm as Naval Research Lab’s Space Tech Center

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s Naval Center for Space Technology has appointed John Schaub as director and he will transition from his prior role as senior executive in charge of NCST’s spacecraft engineering department. NRL said Monday Schaub succeeds Peter Wilhelm, who retired from the research laboratory in 2015. “[NRL Commanding Officer Mark Bruington] and …

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Naval Research Lab Team Unveils New System for Graphene Film Fabrication

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has developed a method of using hyperthermal ion implantation as a means to substitutionally dope graphene with nitrogen atoms to produce a low-defect film with a tunable band structure. NRL said Monday the HyTII system was used to implant nitrogen into graphene to achieve doping via a direct substitution. “In …

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