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Naval Research Lab, Partners Develop Biosurveillance Analytics Tech to Predict Disease Outbreaks

The Naval Research Laboratory‘s ongoing partnership with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency on programs that aim to predict widespread and regional disease outbreaks has resulted in three diagnostic technologies, GCN reported Tuesday. These technologies were developed out proposals from the 24 Month Challenge project, meeting the requirements for technologies that could detect …

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Naval, Va Tech, UPenn Researchers Demo Shipboard Firefighting Tech; Thomas McKenna Comments

Researchers from the Naval Research Laboratory, Virginia Tech and the University of Pennsylvania are collaborating to demonstrate autonomous technology for firefighting robotics systems. NRL said Tuesday that its autonomous research lab is working with the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence and university researchers to develop humanoid robots with the goal of suppressing shipboard fires. Virginia Tech …

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Navy Sensor Developed for IED Detection; Christopher Field Comments

The Pentagon has developed technology that can sniff out improvised explosive devices using silicon-based sensors. The SiN-VAPOR, or Silicon Nanowires in a vertical array with a porous electrode, can detect the signature chemicals used in making the homemade bombs and can be packaged in a small form factor lightweight enough …

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