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GAO: U.S. Air Force Must Improve Assessment of Retention Efforts for Drone Operators

UAS Technology

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is recommending the U.S. Air Force to establish metrics to properly assess its efforts to hire and retain personnel that handle the operations of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). The Air Force is yet to achieve its 2024 staffing goals for sensor operators and pilots. 

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Norfolk Naval Shipyard Uses Drones to Support Disaster Recovery

Norfolk Naval Shipyard deployed drones to help personnel from different units inspect and recover from damages caused by a storm in April 2020. The storm damaged multiple buildings and required the shipyard to assess areas, such as those with broken windows, for repairs, Naval Sea Systems Command said Tuesday.

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Navy Develops Autonomous System for UAS Tracking


Scientific and technical personnel from Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division have created technology designed to identify and track unmanned aerial systems autonomously. The autonomous UAS detection system, known as the Threat Tracker, uses sensors, 3D radars, machine learning algorithms and unique features to function, Naval Sea Systems Command said Sunday.

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