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NASA to Commence Bennu Asteroid Study Mission With Lockheed Spacecraft; Kevin Walsh Comments

NASA will launch a space mission that will travel to the asteroid called Bennu on September 8 to study and return samples from the rock formation. The space agency said Wednesday its Goddard Space Flight Center leads the OSIRIS-REx mission that will use Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security-Regolith Explorer instruments to …

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NIH, EPA Award Grants to 5 Research Centers to Study Environmental Health Factors

The National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have awarded five-year grants to five research centers to study how various environmental factors affect health in communities. NIH said Wednesday the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities and EPA’s National Center for Environmental Research funded the …

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DARPA Picks 11 Disease Forecasting Challenge Winners; Matt Hepburn Comments

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced the 11 winners of its six-month, $500,000 CHIKV Challenge competition, which sought new methods to predict the spread of the chikungunya virus in the West. “The teams… identified gaps in current forecasting capabilities and created a set of tools that can immediately help improve forecasting and guide …

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