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Army Partners With Academia to Develop Soldier-to-Robot Communication System; Felix Gervits Quoted

Robot Communication

Army Research Laboratory (ARL) worked with the University of Southern California (USC) to study how soldiers would communicate with autonomous robots. The Army said Monday it worked with the Institute for Creative Technologies, USC-hosted research center funded by the Department of Defense, to prototype the Joint Understanding and Dialogue Interface (JUDI) system.

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Army AI Study Focuses on Moral Dilemma, Decision Making by Autonomous Vehicles; Celso de Melo Quoted

Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Army researchers worked with Northeastern University and the University of Southern California to further study ethical artificial intelligence by covering moral dilemmas involving automated vehicles and other autonomous systems. Celso de Melo, researcher at DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL), said the study is relevant to the service’s modernization efforts.

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Army Research Lab Works With Industry, Academia to Develop New ML-Based Cybersecurity Method

CMMC Vetting

The U.S. Army has applied machine learning to develop a new method for detecting cyber threats that evade a system's security mechanisms. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) worked with Samsung and the University of Southern California, Riverside to develop the fully automated Context Learning-based Adversarial Protection system, the Army said Tuesday.

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Army-Supported Research Tackles Brain Signal Separation for Potential Military Applications

Warfighter Behavior

U.S. Army-funded research has demonstrated the isolation of brain signals that help to determine a warfighter's motion and behavior. In support of this goal, U.S. Army Research Office funded a project that used algorithms to separate behavior-relevant brain signals from those that are not. The Army seeks technology that transmits information to a soldier's brain so that he may take preemptive action before an incident occurs.

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DOE to Develop Software Apps for New Materials

The Department of Energy intends to invest $32 million to help research projects through the rapid development of new materials for the next four years. DOE said Wednesday that it will use high-performance computing facilities to create open-source software applications to support the design of functional materials for electronics, data storage, renewable energy and quantum information science. 

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DoD, U.K. Select Academic Team for Bilateral Research Effort

The Defense Department and the U.K.'s defense ministry have selected a U.S.-U.K. institutional team to take part in a program aiming to bolster bilateral academic research collaboration, DoD News reported Tuesday.

Under the Bilateral Academic Research Initiative, the University of Southern California would receive up to $3M in funds, while the University of Essex would receive up to $1.9M, over a three-year period.

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