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Army-Supported MIT Research Explores How Clothing Fibers Can Transmit Data; James Burgess Quoted

Data-Capable Fibers

The U.S. Army has helped the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) produce a fiber that could allow for data transmission when sewed into soldier uniforms. ISN researchers tested the fiber's memory capacity by storing in it a 767-kilobit video file and a 0.48-megabyte audio file. The research also found that the fiber can be washed at least 10 times.

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Army Research Laboratory, University of Texas Create Algorithm Experimentation Platform; Jaime Acosta Quoted


The U.S. Army and its partners from the University of Texas at El Paso have developed an integrated platform designed to help analysts evaluate the performance of cybersecurity algorithms in specific situations. The repeatable experimentation system or RES virtualizes, emulates, simulates and contains algorithms to help analysts run situation-based assessments. 

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Brig. Gen. Joseph Dziezynski Takes Charge of Military Intell Readiness Command

Joseph Dziezynski

Brig. Gen. Joseph Dziezynski, former deputy commanding general of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, has assumed new duties as head of the Army Reserve's Military Intelligence Readiness Command (MIRC). Dziezynski will lead the organization that provides operational intelligence support to combatant commands and national intelligence agencies.

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Army Hosts Competition in Search of New Military Tech; Rob Monto Quoted

AStRA Competition

The U.S. Army has commenced a competition that challenges U.S.-based organizations to present technologies, which address various needs faced by the service branch. The Army Strategic Rapid Acquisition (AStRA) challenge will assess technologies in the areas of cross-domain solutions, tactical edge processing, novel batteries, multifunction antennas and cyber-electromagnetic operations. 

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Senate Confirms Christine Wormuth for Army Secretary Role

Christine Wormuth

Christine Wormuth, who formerly served as the undersecretary of defense for policy, has been confirmed by the Senate to become the secretary of the U.S. Army. Wormuth ultimately received confirmation on Thursday, after being unconfirmed in the middle of her hearing with the Senate on Wednesday. President Biden nominated Wormuth for the role of Army secretary.

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Army Chief Scientist Philip Perconti to Step Down From Government Service

Philip Perconti

Philip Perconti, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for research and technology, will step down and retire from government service, effective May 28th. Perconti, who also serves as the U.S. Army's chief scientist, helped the service establish a science and technology strategy involving Army Futures Command.

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Army Researchers Produce Anti-ferroelectric Thin Films From Lead Hafnate

Hybrid Workforce

U.S. Army researchers used lead hafnate, a compound with anti-ferroelectric properties, to produce antiferroelectric thin films that could help warfighters with maintenance and control the large volume of energy and provide the military with a technological advantage over adversaries. Army looks to further evaluate the potential of lead hafnate as an anti-ferroelectric material. 

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Army Seeks Industry’s Help to Pursue Service-Wide Cloud Migration

Hybrid Workforce

The Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, a new organization within the U.S. Army, asks the private sector for information on cloud and data management services. The Army wants to migrate applications to commercial cloud platforms and standardize data management across the service branch. Army applications will migrate to cARMY, a cloud environment the service intends to use for a variety of purposes.

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William Nelson: Army Wants to Access its Payloads on External Satellites

William Nelson

William Nelson, director of the U.S. Army's cross-functional team for assured position, navigation and timing (PNT), said the service wants to maintain access to its future payloads hosted on non-Army satellites. The Army is now in talks with the U.S. Space Force, the Space Development Agency (SDA) and the intelligence community to achieve this goal.

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