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2020 Wash100 Awardees John Murray, Bruce Jette Cite Plans to Prevent Disruptions in Army Modernization Efforts


U.S. Army officials have said that the military branch is working to prevent further delays in its more than 800 acquisition programs as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruptions, National Defense Magazine reported Friday.

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Army Considers Opportunities in Low Eart Orbit Satellites

The U.S. Army is looking to use small satellite constellations instead to reduce vulnerability and accelerate communications speeds. Mark Lewis, who leads the Defense Research and Engineering for Modernization Office, chaired a discussion on this topic at a forum with the Association of the U.S. Army, the service branch said Tuesday.

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Army Piloting Authentication Tech for Remote System Access

The U.S. Army plans to deploy an authenticator app that will provide an alternative for personnel seeking to log into systems without a Common Access Card, FedScoop reported Monday. The Army is continuing a pilot program to assess the capacity of the YubiKeys app in an effort to expand system access to users without a physical card or token.

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Army Taps Academia to Address Hacker Risks in Facial Recognition Tech

The U.S. Army and Duke University have partnered to address cyber risks that threaten the use of object and facial recognition in artificial intelligence training. Researchers at the university have developed a software that detects backdoor hacking attempts orchestrated against recognition systems, the Army said Tuesday.

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Army Uses New Procurement Method to Save Money

The U.S. Army has generated $1.2 billion in savings through the use of a new data-driven, category-based procurement process, said an executive within the service branch.

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