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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force to Capitalize on Small, Fast Satellites

Gen. John Raymond

Gen. John Raymond, the U.S. Space Force's chief of space operations, said microelectronics and advanced propulsion can enable small satellites that can be deployed in large numbers while having the computing power to rapidly transmit data. He said at an Arizona State University-sponsored virtual conference that USSF wants to capitalize on these technologies as the military updates satellite networks.

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Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein: Space Systems Command Adopts Digital Engineering

Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein

Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein, who leads the recently launched Space Systems Command (SSC), said SSC will capitalize on digital engineering as it develops technologies. Digital models allow technology developers to virtually trial a system across design, assembly, testing and maintenance. The SSC commander spoke at this year's Space Symposium about SSC's use of this approach.

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Shawn Barnes: Space Force Should Handle Contracts by Portfolio

Shawn Barnes

Shawn Barnes, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for space acquisition and integration, said the Space Force could improve contracting through an organized portfolio-based approach. He said Tuesday at the Sea-Air-Space conference that managing contracts by portfolio provides more agility compared to managing them per single program.

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Millennium Engineering and Integration Awarded Potential $180M USSF and SMC Task Order; QuantiTech CEO Patrick Murphy Quoted


Millennium Engineering and Integration, a subsidiary of QuantiTech, announced in March that the company secured a potential $180 million United States Space Force (USSF) Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Technical and Engineering Support (STS-3) task order in support of the SMC Development Corps (DC). 

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AFRL Rolls Out Effort to Expand S&T Partner Network; Maj. Gen. Heather Pringle Quoted

Maj. Gen. Heather Pringle

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has launched a program that seeks innovative concepts from a wider pool of science and technology professionals. The Department of the Air Force said Sunday its new Air and Space Forces Science & Technology Front Door program seeks to expand AFRL's network of S&T partners.

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Col. Timothy Sejba: Space Force Opens Center for On-Orbit Experiment and Prototyping Work

Timothy Sejba

The U.S. Space Force's acquisition and development organization unveiled a 5,930-square-foot facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico that will focus on developing and demonstrating warfighting technologies for the USSF mission. The Rendezvous and Proximity Satellite Operations Center is built to host as many as 50 command-and-control system operators and support personnel, SMC said Wednesday.

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ASRC Federal Awarded $83M USSF Contract For Space Operation Services; CEO Jennifer Felix Quoted

Jennifer Felix

ASRC Federal System Solutions announced Wednesday that the company secured an estimated $83 million U.S. Space Force (USSF) contract to support the Space Operations Command's Wing Information & Communications Support (WICS II) contract. The contract will run for seven years and requires ASRC Federal to deliver space operations, maintenance and logistics services for the recently activated Delta 6 and Delta 8 organizations.

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Air Force Research Lab Publishes Guidance on Cislunar Space

Lunar Mission

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has released a document designed to help military servicemen understand the cislunar space concept, which refers to the space between Earth and the moon. The document, titled “A Primer on Cislunar Space,” features a description of cislunar space, related details and specific measurements to help readers determine the space's physical coverage.

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FAA, Air Force Department Partner to Implement Common Space Launch Standards; John Roth Quoted

Space Launch Standards

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has agreed to help the U.S. Space Force promote safety across commercial space operations at the service branch's facilities. The Department of the Air Force said Monday that it partnered with FAA to implement common safety standards and eliminate redundant processes for commercial space activities at Vandenberg Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

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