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Adm. Charles Richard Now Commander of USSTRATCOM

Adm. Charles Richard of the U.S. Navy has assumed leadership of U.S. Strategic Command at a ceremony that took place Monday. Richard, USSTRATCOM's former deputy commander, succeeds Gen. John Hyten, who will go on to serve as Joint Chiefs of Staff's vice chairman, the command said Monday.

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STRATCOM Completing Preparations For New $1B HQ Facility Near Omaha

The U.S. Strategic Command has finished 86 percent of the "missionization" phase for the unit’s new $1.3B headquarters at Offut Air Force Base near Omaha and Nebraska, the Omaha World-Herald reported Tuesday. The second phase involves installing communications and electronics systems in the 916,000-square foot complex to support STRATCOM missions such as missile defense, electronic warfare, space operations and nuclear activities.

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Stratcom Kicks Off C2 & Field Training Exercise

The U.S. Strategic Command has kicked off its annual exercise for Stracom personnel to familiarize themselves with various mission areas and increase joint operational readiness. Stratcom said Friday it will test the preparedness of the command’s headquarters staff, components and subordinate units in responding to unexpected situations during the Global Thunder 2018 event’s command-and-control and field …

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Stratcom Begins 2017 Professional Devt Program for Civilian Employees

Ten U.S. Strategic Command civilian employees will take part in a 13-week graduate-level leadership training program meant to help develop their skills in support of the agency’s organizational transformation and mission awareness expansion initiatives. USSTRATCOM said Jan. 27 a group of national security and defense experts will train Strategic Leadership Fellow …

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Stratcom, Belgium’s Federal Science Policy Office Enter Space Data, Service Sharing Pact

The U.S. Strategic Command and Belgium’s federal science policy office have agreed to exchange space-related information and services in a joint push to increase situational  awareness in the space domain. Stratcom said Tuesday that BELSPO joins two intergovernmental organizations, 11 countries and more than 50 commercial satellite launchers/owners/operators that participate in space situational awareness sharing efforts with the command. “Agreements …

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Army Activates New Battalion for Space, Missile Defense Operations

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command has held an activation ceremony for the organization’s 1st Space Battalion, 1st Space Brigade. Army said Thursday Lt. Col. Bryan Shrank, 1st Space Battalion commander, has entrusted Maj. John Bierce to care for and lead the unit as the first company commander …

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