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Unmanned Vessel Demos Autonomous Performance for DoD, U.S. Navy; SCO Director Jay Dryer Quoted

Ghost Fleet Overlord

The Department of Defense (DoD) demonstrated the autonomous performance of an experimental unmanned surface vessel at an exercise with U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. The Ghost Fleet Overlord USV took part in the Department of the Navy's (DON) Dawn Blitz exercise to demonstrate compliance with international standards made to prevent ship collisions.

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Navy Eyes Industry Partnerships, Expanded Integration Operations for RAIL Unmanned Vessel Hub


The U.S. Navy is working to establish budget allocations and program requirements for its recently established laboratory for developing and testing unmanned underwater and surface vehicles. Capt. Pete Small said that the Navy is looking to implement a strategy for the Rapid Integration Autonomy Lab’s (RAIL) programs beyond fiscal year 2022. 

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Navy Continues Mine Countermeasure Tests Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Naval Surface Warfare Center's Panama City Division has conducted tests of an unmanned surface vehicle designed to deter mine threats. NSWC PCD continued mine countermeasure USV testing at the coastal test range amid the coronavirus pandemic, Naval Sea Systems Command said Thursday. The CTR facility operates near NSWC PCD and features fielding ranges for mine warfare testing and training.

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Navy Surface Dev’t Squadron to Receive Unmanned Vessel Next Month

The U.S. Navy is preparing to commence experiments of the first unmanned vehicle assigned to a new surface development squadron in San Diego, USNI News reported Monday. Surface Development Squadron 1 or SURDEVRON 1 will take command of the Sea Hunter unmanned surface vehicle by Oct. 1., said Capt. Henry Adams, the squadron's commodore.

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Navy to Release RFP for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Procurement

The U.S. Navy plans to issue a request for proposals for acquisition of a new class of unmanned surface vehicles in May, and the contract will be awarded by the close of 2019, USNI News reported Wednesday. An unclassified document from the service branch shows that the medium-sized vehicles will work as a sensor and communications relay vehicle in support of the Navy’s unmanned systems fleet.

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