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Boeing Invests $20M in Virgin Galactic to Broaden Commercial Space Access; Wash100 Award Winner Leanne Caret Quoted

Boeing announced on Tuesday that the company is investing $20 million into Virgin Galactic, a vertically integrated human spaceflight company to broaden commercial space access and transform global travel technologies.

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Ellen Lord: DoD Should Consider Launch Service Capability for Small, Large Satellites

Ellen Lord, undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment at the Department of Defense, has said she thinks DoD should collaborate with launch service providers to ensure the availability of services to bring small and large satellites to space on short notice, SpaceNews reported Monday. “I think we need to look at launch service capability for small sats as well as large,” she said Monday at the Pentagon.

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NASA to Fly New Space Tech Payloads

NASA is set to launch eight space technology payloads on reduced gravity flights aboard aircraft and commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicles. The space agency said Wednesday it selected five technology payloads for parabolic flights, two projects for sRLV flights and one payload for both flight platforms. The technologies are set …

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