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USAF, Boeing to Use VR in T-7A Red Hawk Technical Order Verification; Fred Tschirner Quoted

T-7A Red Hawk

The U.S. Air Force plans to certify the T-7A Red Hawk aircraft's technical orders via methods that rely on virtual reality and 3D modeling. The effort's assigned team and its partners at Boeing will use the latter's virtual reality technology to certify the technical orders in a way that mitigates risks, Air Force Materiel Command said Friday.

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Air Force Team Launches AI Assistant for Aircrew Chief Fundamentals Course; Maj. Jesse Johnson Quoted

Artificial Intelligence

A U.S. Air Force technology team has introduced new artificial intelligence assistants to help train airmen during their virtual reality-enabled fundamentals training course. Trainees under the Crew Chief Fundamentals Course can ask questions to and receive instructions from a so-called AI Airman about various basic topics, the Air Force said Monday.

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Army Backs Kent State’s Virtual Reality Lab to Study Small Soldier Group Dynamics; MILO GM Robert McCue Quoted

Kent State

The Army Research Laboratory has funded the development of an immersive virtual reality hub where Kent State University scientists can examine how small groups operate in extreme environments using VR and other biophysiological instruments. ARL said Thursday headsets in the VR lab are equipped with 3D eye-tracking and omnidirectional treadmills that are intended to work with electroencephalogram-based biometric technology. 

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Maj. Gen. Craig Wills: Air Force Finds VR-Trained Pilots Doing Well With F-22, F-35 Models

Maj. Gen. Craig Wills

Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, commander of the U.S. Air Force's Air Education and Training Command (AETC), said students have been performing better with the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II aircraft through virtual reality training. Wills said USAF determined this from data of individuals who graduated from the Pilot Training Next (PNT) program, which put trainees in virtual and augmented reality training. 

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Cubic Subsidiary Nuvotronics Awarded Contract to Support DOD’s ‘5G to Next G’ Program; Martin Amen Quoted

Cubic Nuvotronics

Nuvotronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cubic Corporation, has been awarded a $10 million contract from the Department of Defense (DOD). Cubic Nuvotronics will support the DoD’s “5G to Next G” Program which was established to accelerate the implementation of wireless communications for the military. The program hopes to develop an advanced backhaul radio. 

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Air Force, DIU Plan 2021 Rollout for Immersive Aircraft Training System

Virtual Training System

The U.S. Air Force plans to roll out an artificial intelligence-driven virtual training system for remote pilot exercises in 2021. The Air Force and DIU partnered with Google to provide a cloud platform for hosting JTS immersive training devices and storing performance data. CAE, Discovery Machine and Vertex will also work with USAF and DIU to develop JTS.

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NASA Seeks New Partnerships to Support Artemis Program; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

Jim Bridenstine

NASA has announced that the agency will develop new partners to support the Artemis program and advance human exploration of the Moon, the agency reported on Thursday. NASA plans to further explore the lunar surface and create a sustainable human presence with Artemis in preparation for future human missions to Mars.

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USAF Fields VR Tech During Experimental Exercise Event

Virtual Reality

Chaplains from the U.S. Air Force's 366th Fighter Wing took part in an experimental exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base from Oct. 21 to 29 to demonstrate a new lead wing command design in deployed environments. The Agile Flag 21-1 drill participants employed virtual reality to help combat stress and frustration while in deployed areas

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USAF Signs $67M in Contracts to Advance Virtual Training; Maj. Mark Budgeon Quoted

Virtual Training

The U.S. Air Force has allocated $67 million in contracts to develop the service branch’s virtual training. The work under the contract will provide airmen with new training platforms to help educate on aircraft and other systems, as the military continues to social distance during the ongoing pandemic.

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