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Keith Alexander: Pentagon Needs New Framework to Counter Cyber, Terrorist Threats

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Keith Alexander has told Senate Armed Services Committee members he believes the Defense Department should adopt new strategies to protect the U.S. against acts of terrorism and cyber crime. The former National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command leader told lawmakers committee in written testimony Tuesday that continued activity of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and …

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Navy Sensor Developed for IED Detection; Christopher Field Comments

The Pentagon has developed technology that can sniff out improvised explosive devices using silicon-based sensors. The SiN-VAPOR, or Silicon Nanowires in a vertical array with a porous electrode, can detect the signature chemicals used in making the homemade bombs and can be packaged in a small form factor lightweight enough …

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Panetta: Future Attacks On US To Have Cyber Component

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that any future attack on the U.S. will contain a cyber element as 21st-century technology has helped make cyber attacks a threat to the country, according to American Forces Press Service. Karen Parrish writes Panetta made the remark before an audience of Georgetown University …

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