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Memo: AF Taking $18B FY 2013 Sequestration Hit

Air Force photo
Air Force photo

The U.S. Air Force expects to cut $12 billion from its budget under sequestration at the same time it is facing a $1.8 billion shortfall for overseas contingency operations and a continuing resolution, two top Air Force officials said in a memo.

American Forces Press Service reports Gen. Larry Spencer, vice chief of staff, and Jamie Morin, acting undersecretary, sent major command leaders the memo last week outlining how the branch will operate during the rest of fiscal year 2013, which ends Sept. 30.

More than 180,000 civilian workers could be placed on unpaid leave for up to 22 discontinuous days, or 30 continuous days, which would be spread over as many pay periods as possible, the memo says.

Each pay period would have no more than 16 furloughed hours, Spencer and Morin said, according to AFPS.

Spencer and Morin sent commanders a memo before sequestration to announced a freeze on hiring and information technology spending reductions.

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