DHS Taps Two Companies for Network Modeling Tech Dev’t

DHS Taps Two Companies for Network Modeling Tech Dev’t

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded SecureLogix and Achilles Heel Technologies a total of $1.96 million in funds through Phase II of the Small Business Innovation Research program to build technologies that will support dynamic network modeling capabilities for emergency communication and risk management networks. 

SecureLogix will continue the development of a modeling tool that will assist 911 decision makers in planning prevention approaches for telephony denial of service attacks, DHS said Tuesday.

Achilles Heel will build a suite of software tools designed to perform cyber risk management activities for Next-Generation 911 platforms such as dynamic network models.

"Now, many new data types are accepted by NG9-1-1 centers, such as text, video, images, and even information directly from an automobile in the event of an accident. All these data types increase the attack surface in cyberspace, in addition to the traditional TDoS and other attacks that originate in the phone system at 9-1-1 centers," said Ann Cox, SBIR topic manager at DHS' science and technology directorate.

The awardees may compete for Phase III contracts after the completion of their prototypes to pursue funding from non-SBIR government sources and the private sector.

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