Lockheed Martin Announced New ISR Satellite Line; Rick Ambrose Quoted

Lockheed Martin Announced New ISR Satellite Line; Rick Ambrose Quoted
Rick Ambrose EVP of Space Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin announced on Tuesday its new line of rapid, integrated and economical tactical Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) satellites. The new ISR satellites are based on Lockheed’s LM 400 mid-size bus and will enable U.S. warfighters to track moving targets at long ranges and maneuver in highly contested environments quickly. 

“Digital engineering and manufacturing are accelerating our ability to deploy robust, future-focused constellations that feature leading-edge technology for our customers’ missions. Our LM 400 is a highly adaptable, mid-sized satellite and yet can be produced at scale in a rapid and cost-effective manner,” added 2021 Wash100 Award recipient and Lockheed Martin Space executive vice president Rick Ambrose

The LM 400 is made up of flight-proven and reliable components with a producible design. It will play a crucial role in multiple different mission areas. The LM 400 will also be fully integrated with warfighting platforms of other domains that increase warfighter capabilities. 

On-board processes power the satellites with resilient connectivity. They will enable in-theater, low-latency sensor tasking, on-orbit processing of mission data, protected communications and direct downlink of situational awareness and targeting information, which is increasingly essential to shorten the sensor-to-shooter timeline against hostile adversaries.  

Lockheed has also designed the LM 400 to be ‘at scale,’ which means it can support larger constellations and rapid satellite construction and deployment. Lockheed’s high-capacity Gateway Center satellite manufacturing facility will support the necessary space vehicle production. 

The LM-400 tactical ISR satellite constellations will be a critical element for the U.S. military's Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) by providing warfighters with space-based capabilities. The satellites will also play a role in the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Transport Layer Tranche 0, providing even more connectivity between ISR and warfighters on the battlefield. 

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