NASA Selects Observation Programs for James Webb Space Telescope; Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted

NASA Selects Observation Programs for James Webb Space Telescope; Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted
James Webb Space Telescope

NASA has selected 286 project proposals for the James Webb Space Telescope's upcoming first cycle of scientific investigations.

The space agency said Tuesday it will begin Webb's space observation activities in 2022, with General Observer programs that seek to study star formation, planetary system properties and the universe's earlier galaxies.

The space telescope features a large mirror and imaging capabilities designed to generate high-resolution visuals of the universe.

“The initial year of Webb’s observations will provide the first opportunity for a diverse range of scientists around the world to observe particular targets with NASA’s next great space observatory,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate.

The Telescope Allocation Committee assessed the submitted proposals and determined the final selection competitively. The Maryland-based Space Telescope Science Institute will operate Webb's science missions under the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.

The complete list of Webb's General Observer programs can be found here. The programs will commence after the telescope's approximately half-year commissioning period.

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