Eric Fanning Cites Acquisition Reform, Emerging Threats as Immediate Priorities for US Army

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Eric Fanning
Eric Fanning
Eric Fanning

U.S. Army Secretary Eric Fanning has said the lack of stable and predictable budget is one of the major challenges the service branch faces, the Army Times reported Sunday.

Fanning told Army Times reporter Michelle Tan in an interview that the military branch needs stable funding in order to train service personnel, develop a long-term program for the Army as well as achieve military readiness.

“In this budget environment… we look first to make sure that we’re taking care of soldiers today, that they’re properly trained and equipped for the fights we’re sending them into today,” he said.

He also mentioned his short-term goals for the Army, including his plans to focus on mental health among uniformed personnel, address emerging threats and advance acquisition reform.

Fanning noted that he intends to establish a “rapid capabilities office” that will work to address survivability, electronic and cyber warfare as well as help streamline the procurement process.

Fanning was inducted into office on May 18 during a swearing-in ceremony held at the Pentagon.