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Navy Seeking to Establish Analytics Unit Addressing Fleet Readiness

Adm. Christopher Grady, head of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, said during the WEST 2019 conference he intends to create a Fleet Analytics Office supporting the U.S. Navy fleet readiness efforts, USNI reported Tuesday. Grady noted that the new office will use real-time reporting systems to handle data collection and risk assessment operations under the Revolutionize Readiness Campaign Plan initiative.


He added that he wants to appoint a chief readiness officer to oversee enterprises such as information warfare, aviation, submarine, surface and expeditionary programs. Other readiness objectives outlined by Grady include the use of metrics to measure improvements in operational readiness, structural readiness and foundry readiness.


Operational readiness focuses on fleet warfighting capabilities while structural readiness involves establishing relationships to aid the Navy during challenges. Foundry readiness revolves around operations at the shipyard level. Grady noted that appropriate metrics will help Navy personnel understand “how any one unit’s readiness affects the fleet’s ability to perform its wider mission.”

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