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DLA, GSA to Review Federal Supply Chain for Streamlining Effort

Jeff Brody

The Defense Logistics Agency has partnered with the General Services Administration to review and streamline the federal supply chain. The DLA-GSA federal supply class review would tackle the 7 million items from across all 600 FSC categories, DLA said Wednesday.

FSCs categorize supplies based on use. The FCS review, a first in nearly 50 years, aims to reduce redundant purchases, improve customer response and boost procurement efficiency in the federal government's supply chain. 

“What we are learning from the FSC review is that materiel management also varies between organizations, commodities and customers,” said U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams, DLA director.

DLA and GSA are also jointly developing a tool designed to automate data processing on all federal supplies. The tool would help the federal government determine supplies suitable for logistics transfer. Representatives from both agencies will then analyze these items to decide whether a change of logistics approach would streamline the supply chain.

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