IRS Uses Bots to Simplify Contracting Work; Andrea Kadish Quoted

IRS Uses Bots to Simplify Contracting Work; Andrea Kadish Quoted
Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employed bots to quickly implement telecommunications security language across all of the agency's contracts, GCN reported Friday. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 prompted IRS to adopt the DATA Act Bot that works to increase the Federal Procurement Data System's accuracy and transparency.

IRS used bot to meet contracting requirements imposed by the National Defense Authorization Act. The DATA Act Bot was originally designed to support compliance with its namesake.

Shanna Webbers, chief procurement officer at IRS, said the agency had to apply the telecommunications security language on 1,466 active contracts. The bot streamlined a process that would've taken nearly a year if done traditionally.

“The overall goal as we’re looking at this is to strengthen our agility by incorporating automated processes that are also streamlined,” said Andrea Kadish, director of the data analytics and technology division within IRS' procurement office.

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