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DARPA Seeks to Accelerate Scientific Discovery Process Through ‘Disruptioneering’ Programs

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s Defense Sciences Office has unveiled the first two programs under DSO’s “Disruptioneering” initiative that aims to accelerate the process for investigating fundamental and applied science concepts in a push to drive the development of national security technologies.

DARPA said Friday the first phase of Disruptioneering programs will focus on concept assessment and run for three to six months, followed by a 12- to 15-month second phase if results warrant additional exploration activities.

“For this new Disruptioneering effort, the time from program announcement to when research proposals are due has been shortened to as few as 30 days, and the technical section of proposals can’t exceed eight pages,” said Kristen Fuller, DSO’s assistant director for program management.

“To make the process as straightforward as possible, we’ve streamlined contracting and internal processes to meet an aggressive schedule.”

The Fundamental Design program aims to evaluate fundamental computational and mathematical systems that can represent the optimized designs of mechanical systems.

The Imaging Through Almost Anything, Anywhere program seeks to address challenges related to imaging through metal containers, walls, ground, fog and water.

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