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Defense Innovation Board to Establish AI Ethical Practices; Joshua Marcuse Quoted

The Defense Innovation Board looks to create a set of ethics guidelines and recommendations when it comes to artificial intelligence technology development and implementation, NextGov reported Thursday.

The DoD will seek assistance from the board – which is composed of defense industry experts and academics – to develop AI principles for effective and ethical military use, the report noted.

Joshua Marcuse, the advisory board's executive director and adviser to the Defense Department's chief management officer, said initial work on the project began in July following orders from Defense Secretary James Mattis to set up a working guidance on the proper deployment and use of AI technologies.

"It is abundantly clear from the discussions thus far, the department's experts on AI already have a deep appreciation, even a healthy skepticism for the limitations of AI, as well as its promise," Marcuse said during the board's quarterly public meeting on Wednesday.

The board plans to come up with a final set of recommendations to be presented for Mattis' appraisal within nine months, according to the report.


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