Matthew Donovan Announces ‘Digital Air Force’ Initiative

Matthew Donovan, Acting Secretary of the U.S. Air Force

Matthew Donovan, acting secretary of the U.S. Air Force, has launched a new initiative to advance reforms and leverage a connected network of weapons, analytic tools and sensors to counter potential adversaries.

“Our advantage in future battles depends on our ability to fuse vast amounts of data to accelerate our decision cycle to guarantee the success of any mission. Victory in combat will depend on us becoming a Digital Air Force,” Donovan said in a release published Tuesday.

The Digital Air Force initiative intends to deploy an information technology infrastructure responsive to modern combat requirements, leverage data as the framework of machine learning and artificial intelligence to facilitate the decision-making process and enhance warfighter support and implement Agile business practices to improve the efficiency of the management enterprise.

“Every segment of the Air Force will be impacted by these changes: we are driving to integrate warfighting, information operations, cyber, and business practices as a vehicle for dominating great-power competition,” the document noted. “The weight of this reform demands direction from the most senior levels, so the Under Secretary of the Air Force will oversee and manage this critical path forward.”

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