DHS S&T, Israel Gov’t Form Cargo Security Program Partnership

Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate has partnered with the Israel government’s Ministry of Public Security to carry out an initiative that seeks to address concerns in maritime and border cargo security. The Low Cost Disposable Electronic Seals Pilot program aims to create technologies that will work to protect cargo shipments from tampering attempts and optimize supply chain security processes, DHS said Tuesday.

DHS and MOPS tapped wireless tracking provider Hi-G-Tek to develop electronic seals that will prevent bypass and detachment activities through the use of radio frequency identification technology. Additionally, the seals can store and communicate customer information to port authorities to confirm if the cargo shipments require inspection.

The team is set to collaborate with Sandia National Labs to assess data from the electronic seals and develop a final report based on the results of the pilot.

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