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SBA Deploys Cloud Tech for CDM Pilot Program

Jeff Brody

The Small Business Administration has concluded a pilot program to implement continuous diagnostics and mitigation in an effort to improve data security, Federal News Network reported Monday. The program, conducted with the Department of Homeland Security, saw SBA deploy a “dashboard” for visualizing the agency’s networks and potential vulnerabilities.

According to Maria Roat, chief information officer of SBA, the agency’s deployment of cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning will provide benefits such as predictive capabilities for assessing network activity and a “360-degree view” of SBA customers.

“Enterprise transformation, there’s multiple pieces and parts to it, because it’s not just about putting one tool in place,” she said. “It’s looking at the entire ecosystem of technology, as well as the people and processes to really drive that digital transformation that we are in the midst of.”

SBA is working to implement its 2018 IT workforce strategy and is planning to fund efforts to consolidate its IT service desks, Roat noted.

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